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Goliath Shock Absorbers - Into Production.

This journey started a little over two years ago with an idea and some sketches. Fast forward to the present and we have just had our first set of shocks race proven at nearly 100 mph on the legendary Pendine sands.....

the journey to bring these into being has gone through many phases with a number of different designs. initial ideas were taken through to the point of casting, reviewed and then re-designed based on analysis and feedback. As a result what we have now is a shock that is of our own unique design, which features modern materials and components, coupled with that vintage hotrod aesthetic.

The shocks are cast in high grade aluminum and are fitted with a steel spindle running through an oilite bearing for smooth and maintenance free operation. The spindle is machined to accept a standard Ford model A shock arm for ease of use and compatibility. The shocks also feature a removable back plate to allow access to the internal housing. It is here where the substrate is held and which provides the resistance giving a positive 50/50 action. The shocks come supplied at a firm setting however removal of a small portion of this substrate gives for a more supple ride.

The Road To Pendine - Race Proven Technology:

As with any new product it' s important that it receives a thorough test before we can confidently sign it off. With the VHRA's annual Pendine sands beach races looming there seemed to be no better opportunity.

we were not running a car at this years event, however one of our old friends known for building some impeccable hotrods, had put together a great Ford T based modified. A deal was done and the little T became the test bed for our first set of four shocks. And tested they were in perhaps the harshest conditions imaginable. With a six hour road trip on twisty roads half of which was in the pouring rain, followed by three runs down the beach, our shocks performed admirably. Reaching speeds of just under 100 mph the shocks kept the T firmly planted on the sand and pointing in the right direction.

We are currently at a point where we will be putting these shocks into full production. These will be produced in small batches with orders taken in advance.

We are more than happy to ship anywhere around the world, so if you think your hotrod could benefit from a set of our shocks why not drop us an email and we'll gladly add you to our list.

For Speed, Performance and Reliability: Choose Goliath Shock Absorbers.

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