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Goliath Shocks - Customer Reviews

Since launching our shock absorbers back in 2021, they have found their way onto some truly amazing cars the world over.

As with many traditionally focused hot rods, these cars are no trailer queens with many of them being driven hard. As a result our shocks have been the subject of some pretty extreme road tests.

One such road test took place during last summers Roadster Club Scandinavia event. Running over approximately 300 miles the event Consists of drag racing, dirt track oval. rally and race track. Aside from being a huge dose of fun this event is put together to test both driver and car alike. We were lucky enough to have a full set of our shocks put through their paces on one of the race entries, and the feedback was's what our friend and valued customer had to say:

….”I have now finally fitted all 4 new shocks to my car and have to say that I am very happy with their performance. Compared to the worn out original '40 Ford shocks on the car before, the car now drives much nicer and smoother and I have no more notable front wheel wobble or jumping of wheels after bumps in the road...

I spent the last week in Sweden at the RCS Cup races, where the car was raced on different tracks (dirt track, airfield drag race, ralley cross track etc.)  and driven many road kilometers between the tracks. The suspension really had to suffer on the rough tracks during the week. The shocks performed flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with them.”

….”Hi Jim,

sounds good...looking forward to the new design...The "old" design was used extensively this year by me during various race events and I am fully satisfied with the performance. The shocks have a nice slight patina now and look really good.”

We'd like to thank all of our great customers for putting their trust in our small Hot Rod Business and the products we make....Here's to many more miles over this coming year

Jim 🏁

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